ashvatthah sarva-vrksanam
devarsinam ca naradah
gandharvanam citrarathah
siddhanam kapilo munih

"Of all trees I am the banyan tree, and of the sages among the demigods I am Narada. Of the Gandharvas I am Citraratha, and among perfected beings I am the sage Kapila."

Among trees Sri Krishna is peepal tree. Among devarishis, the Lord is Narada. Among gandarvas [celestial singers], He is Chitrratha. And, among siddhas, He is sage Kapila. Here also Four groups are indicated. trees are very important in our lives. Peepal tree [Ficus religiosa] is considered as King among trees and so its name in Tamil is arasa maram [அரச மரம்]. During visit to Thirumanam kollai [திருமணங்கொல்லை], it was mentioned that King of Mangai [Thirumangai Alwar], was administered the King of mantras [Ashtaksharam], by the Universal King, the Lord, under the King of trees, Peepal tree. In Naimisaranyam, the Lord is in the form of a Forest. In Pushkar, He is a Pond. Tree lives for others. Its bark, leaves, fruits and flowers are all used by us. So we have to honour trees, especially when the Lord says He represents them. Like us they are also body of the Lord. Earlier He mentioned about Maharishis and He said He was Brughu. Now, He mentions Devarishis. Narada means he who cuts off the ignorance attached to humans. It also means he who grants the knowledge to humans. He, thus removes the darkness of ignorance in us. Narada with his veena travels everywhere and spreads the glory of the Lord. Sage Kapila founded Sankhya philosophy. In Srimad Ramayana his story is narrated. Sagara was the King of Ayodhya and he had 60,000 sons called sagara puthras. Another wife of him had only one son. Once Sagara performed asvamedha yaga. The ceremonial horse was allowed to wander. Only when it returned the yaga could be completed. Here, the horse went to the nether world -patahala lok, where sage Kapila was meditating. All the 60.000 children went in search of the horse. They went to pathal lok and saw the horse by the side of the sage. They mistook that the sage had captured the horse and so attacked the sage, who was in deep meditation. But when his meditation got disturbed and he looked at them, all the 60,000 sons of Sagara were reduced to ashes. Their grand son Bhagiratha, wanting to wash off their sins with Ganga, brought the river from heavens after a very great effort. Siddhas are those who have mastered siddhi. Ashta maha siddhi are anima [taking micro forms] , mahima [ taking gigantic forms], darima [ becoming very heavy], lahima [ becoming very light], prapti [attaining anything], prathanyam [completing the task undertaken], aiswaryam [commanding all] and vasitvam [attracting all ]. Siddhas master these skills.