uccaihsravasam asvanam
viddhi mam amrtodbhavam
airavatam gajendranam
naranam ca naradhipam

"Of horses know Me to be Uccaihsrava, produced during the churning of the ocean for nectar. Of lordly elephants I am Airavata, and among men I am the monarch."

In this sloka three groups are mentioned. Viddhi = understand, mam = Me [Sri Krishna]. Amrtodbhavam = from [milk ocean] originated along with amrut or the nectar. When the milky ocean was churned, at that time, along with Amrut, which was the main product Devas and Asuras desired to have, other products also came up. Uchaisravas [உச்சைரவஸ்] is a celestial horse and Airavatam [ஐராவதம்] is celestial elephant. These were obtained on churning. The Lord says He is Uchaisravas among horses and Airavatham among elephants. Naranam = among humans, naradhipam = leader of men or King. Devas wanted to have amrut to get strength over Asuras. But since the task 0f getting amrut could not be done by Devas alone, they had to seek the help of Asuras. Both jointly churned the milky ocean, with the help of the Lord. The Lord got for them amrut but ditributed only to Devas by taking the beautiful damsel form, Sri Mohini. Swami Koorathalwan wonders. Normally the product from a material should be connected with that. If we process milk, we can get butter, curd and ghee. But here, when milky ocean was churned unrelated elephant, horse, parijata tree and even deadly poison were obtained. Though outwardly it looked that the Lord helped Devas to get Amrut, Alwar says, it was a trick used by the Lord to get Sri Maha Lakshmi, for Himself! Airavatam aws Indra's elephant and due to the curse of sage Durvasa, Indra lost his wealth and the elephant. With Lord's help, Indra regained his elephant. According to Dharma shastras, a King has to be respected like a god. Kings also should realize their responsibilities and function to protect and ensure welfare of their subjects. We are also now worshiping the king among ascetics -Swami Yatiraja.