brihat-sama tatha samnam
gayatri chandasam aham
masanam marga-sirso ’ham
rtunam kusumakarah

"Of the hymns in the Sama Veda I am the Brihat-sama, and of poetry I am the Gayatri. Of months I am Margasirsa [November-December], and of seasons I am flower-bearing spring."

Again, another group of four are mentioned by the Lord. Samanam = among sama veda, brihat-sama = [the Lord is] brihat sama. Earlier, the Lord told that He was Sama Veda among Vedas. In Rig Veda lots of mantras would be there. By singing them in proper tunes, they become Sama Veda. Every such tuned mantra is called sama. Of these samas, the Lord says He is brihat-sama. There are Two samas: Brihat-sama and Rasanchara-sama. Brihat sama governs mind while Rasanchara sama governed speech. From Brihat sama was born Rasanchara sama. These are mentioned in Upanishads. Chandasam = among metres, aham = I [Sri Krishna] am, gayatri = Gayatri [metre]. There are Seven types of metres for composing poems: Gayatri, Ushnuk, Anushtup, Brahati, Pankthi Thrushtup and Jagati. These are the Seven horses of Sun. Every sloka [poem] has Four padas or legs. The number of syllables in each pada decides the metre. Gayatri has the least number of syllables-6. So, the sloka would have 24 syllables. Each of the other chandas increases by one syllable in each pada. Thus, Ushnuk would have 7 syllables per pada and 28 syllables in one verse and so on. Jagati will have 12 syllables per pada and total of 48 syllables per sloka. The Lord says He is the Gayatri chandas. Gayatri is regarded as Mother. Gayatri mantra has a unique feature, that it has only Three padas and each pada will have 8 syllables making a total of 24 syllables for the mantra. Masanam = among months, aham = I [Sri Krishna] am, marga-sirsa = Margasirusham [ Tamil Margazhi மார்கழி ]. Margazhi is famous because of Sri Andal and Her Thiruppavai. It is also famous for Pongal! Margazhi is the brahma muhurtham time for Devas. Rtunam = among seasons, kusumakara = Vasantham or spring time. Of the six seasons, the Lord says He is Vasantha rutu, when all plants flower. It is the season when Sri Rama was born. We will now take leave of Kattumannar koil Kshetram.