bhavapyayau hi bhutanam
srutau vistaraso maya
tvattah kamala-patraksha
mahatmyam api cavyayam

"O lotus-eyed one, I have heard from You in detail about the appearance and disappearance of every living entity and have realized Your inexhaustible glories."

Arjuna tells that He learnt about the eminence of the Lord, from Himself. He believed in all. All the worlds are created, sustained and destroyed by Him. Agreeing with what the Lord told, Arjuna speaks. In the sloka 1, Arjuna told that the Lord did him a great favour by explaing matters regarding atman and thereby deleted Arjuna's illusion and confusion. We can ignore Chapter 1, as it was Arjuna's lament and his decision not to kill his kith and kin. From sloka 12 of Chapter 2 till end of Chapter 6, Sri Krishna told about Karma yoga and Gyana yoga. By understanding all those, Arjuna's confusion was removed. In sloka 2 of Chapter 11, Arjuna tells Sri Krishna that what all He told in Chapters 7,8,9 and 10, were understood by Arjuna. Thus by the sloka 1, Arjuna tells he had understood Gita Chapters 1 to 6; and, by sloka 2, Chapters 7 to 10. By Chapters 7.8 and 9, Arjuna understood Sri Krishna's natural Majesty and grandeur. This way he understood Bhakti yoga was the best and learnt how to do. In Chapter 10, Arjuna got a glimpse of the Lord's property listing. He learnt that everything and everybody were in His Command and Control. Bhutanam = all living beings', bhava = [both] origin, appyaya = disappearance, srutau = was heard, vistarasa = in detail, maya = by me [Arjuna], tvatta = by You [Sri Krishna] Yourself. Kamala patraksha = Lotus eyed [Sri Krishna], avyaya = infinite, mahatmyam = eminence. Arjuna tells that everything in this world emanated from Him or get created by Him; and, everything got destroyed by Him or merged with Him. This he learnt from Him; thereby he learnt the limitless eminence of the Lord. In Chapter 7, Sri Krishna told that the Universe originates from Him and ends up in Him. Arjuna addresses the Lord as the Lotus eyed, while talking of creation and destroying. There is a sentence in Upanishad: He is the Creator of the world, Who has Lotus eyes [ kapyasam pundarikamakshinau..] and meditate on Him. Thus Lotus like eyes are an important identity for the Lord. Thus Sri Krishna is the Creator, we search for. The Lord told about His infinite eminence. All the worlds are strung by Him, like a thread strings various pearls. Remembering all these words, Arjuna tells that he is aware of His boundless eminence. Arjuna confirms whatever he heard in Chapters 7,8,9 and 10. We are also at Anantah saras -endless pond!