arjuna uvaca
mad-anugrahaya paramam
guhyam adhyatma-samjnitam
yat tvayoktam vacas tena
moho ’yam vigato mama

"Arjuna said: By my hearing the instructions You have kindly given me about these most confidential spiritual subjects, my illusion has now been dispelled."

By three slokas Arjuna claims he was a devotee of Lord Sri Krishna, an Astika and faithful to Sri Krishna. Arjuna says gratefully, that his illusion was dispelled. Mad anugrahaya = to bless me [Arjuna], paramam = top most, guhyam = secret [that is not easily understandable or not easily instrutible]. Adhyatma = about atman, samjitam = embedded, vaca = teachings. That is, the Lord has blessed Arjuna with important secrets incorporating atman. Tvayoktam = told by You [Sri Krishna], mama = my [Arjuna's], ayam = that [regarding atman], moha = illusion, vigata = dispelled. Arjuna tells that by the words of Sri Krishna on atman, all his illusion and confusion on atman were resolved. This sloka is not about Chapters 9 and 10. Arjuna starts to convey his gratitude for all teachings the Lord made right from the beginning. Now, Arjuna has reached a stage [to which he is transformed]. By conveying his devotion to the Lord, he proclaims he is an astika or theist, who believes in the existence of God and that He would do only good. Astika leads to Bhakti, which after maturing, reaches one to Moksham. We saw earlier that Bhakti was the only requirement to understand, see and reach the Lord. Desire to see Viswaroopam; which emanated from Bhakti, which is based on astika, which is based on belief. We have to be grateful to all good done. What is the good the Lord did to Arjuna? We have to start from Chapter 2. Arjuna says that in order to bless him [mad anugrahaya]. What type of Arjuna he was? He was totally confused. With no idea about soul, Arjuna was thinking that atman and body were one and the same. Swami Desika says that when Arjuna says that the Lord had blessed him [anugrahaya], it is evident that Arjuna is not talking about the War. It was incidental, to induce him in war; the main purpose was to dispel his confusion about atman. While showing the right path of Dharma, Arjuna was made to realize that fighting was his duty. Arjuna prayed to the Lord to consider him as His disciple and tell all about atman. Sometimes we are confused in some matters. At least if we realize we are in illusion, we could avoid sufferigs. But we do not realize and so we suffer. We take good people for bad and vice versa. But we never realize our confusion. Arjuna wanted to run away and avoid fight. But Sri Krishna, diagnosed Arjuna's proplem and starting from the sloka 12 of Chapter 2, the Lord told that atman was eternal, body might be born and get destroyed, but not atman; Karma yoga was important; Karma yoga itself would get atman sakshatkaram. So, Arjuna should become an Yogi; and the Lord taught how to practice Yoga, in detail. Sri Krishna sincerely and affectionately taught Arjuna. It was like teaching a child in school. Therefore, Arjuna felt that the Lord was kind enough to bless him with all such important teachings. All these, the Lord did, because Arjuna was His cousin. Was it not due to this reason, He agreed to be his charioteer? By listening to the very important teachings of Sri Krishna, Arjuna's illusion was dispelled. What did he learn? That atman and body were different, That, atman was the property of the Lord; that, atman was ruled and commanded by the Lord; that, atman behaved as decided by the Lord; that, atman existence was under the control of the Lord; that, origin, sustenance and destruction were all under His control; that, the Lord had atman as His body. So much Arjuna had learnt! We also have to repeatedly listen to Gita to reform ourselves. Arjuna is going to further pray the Lord to show him, His Divine Form - Viswaroopam. We should follow such astikas or theists. We will take leave of Swami Manavala Mamunigal. Recently, samprokshanam was performed.