nanto ’sti mama divyanam
vibhutinam parantapa
esa tuddesatah prokto
vibhuter vistaro maya

"O mighty conqueror of enemies, there is no end to My divine manifestations. What I have spoken to you is but a mere indication of My infinite opulences."

There is no end to His auspicious wealth. Na anta = no end, asti = is, mama = My [Sri Krishna's], divyanam = auspicious, vibhutinam = wealth or property, parantapa = destroyer of enemies [Arjuna]. Arjuna feels that the Lord detailed His holdings in the last 19 slokas; so, how there can not be end to His property list? Esa tu = already, uddesata = approximately, maya =by Me [Sri Krishna], prokto = told, but, vibhuti = [Sri Krishna's] wealth, vistara = details, have no end. What the Lord told Arjuna in the last 19 slokas, was only a glimpse, to understand the infinite wealth He possessed. What He told can not be taken as the entire list. There is no end to His eminence and wealth. The Lord Himself or the Vedas or the Alwars do not know His emeinence and property. Though it is impossible for us to know the extent of His wealth, we should know that all are His property. One might ask how all can be His property, when He listed only a few? To answer such questions and to prevent anyone else claiming propriet0rship, the Lord strode over the entire length and breadth of all the Fourteen worlds and established His ownership over all of them. One doubt may arise. Mahabali grabbed Indra's property of the Three worlds [Bhu, Bhuva and Suva] only; then, why the Lord strode to measure all Upper Seven Lokas, including Satya Loka of lord Brahma? It was to avoid another Avatar to reclaim the other Four lokas, if another demon grabbed them! This temple is administered by Swami Emperumanar Jeer of Thirukkovalur. We will see Jeer's glory and other related topics in the next lecture.