yad yad vibhutimat sattvam
srimad urjitam eva va
tat tad evavagaccha tvam
mama tejo-’msa-sambhavam

"Know that all opulent, beautiful and glorious creations spring from but a spark of My splendor."

The Lord tells Arjuna that by now he would have understood all were His wealth. None of them could remain without Him. Yad yad sattvam = those which are [existing in this Universe], vibhutimat = everyone of them might be under the control of some. That is the control of some over all the existing entities in this Universe. Srimad = those which are having radiance or prosperity, urjitam = resoluteness [in all efforts], tad tad eva = all such things, mama = My [Sri Krishna's], tejo = eminence, amsa = fraction, sambhavam = originate, tvam = you [Arjuna], avagaccha = know. So, the prosperity, wealthiness,and resolution are all a mere fraction of the eminence of the Lord. Parents order children. King orders subjects. Teacher orders stydents. All these ordering power of all emanate from a spark of His eminence. That is when He said He is Vishnu among Adityas, Vishnu or Adityas have some ruling power over people. This controlling power has originated from a fraction of His power. The eminence of Margasirsha [Margazhi] month, is a part of the eminence of the Lord. He mentioned that among luminous entities, He is Sun. This luminance is a fraction of the Lord's luminance. Like this everyone's eminence, determination, wealth, etc., are all but a fraction of the Lord's qualities. We will now take leave of this Kshetram.