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BG 18.49

43. TIRUKKACCHI [KANCHIPURAM] திருக் கச்சி [காஞ்சிபுரம்] :

Varadhan Photo taken on 9th day of rA pathu 2004u46%2fsvami%2fsmall%2f29626147.P5310948.jpg

Kanchi Athi Varadar standingKanchi NarasimharKanchi VaradarajarPerundevi Thayaar Kanchiaththi  varadhardEvAdhirAjan

Kanchi is the capital of Tondai Naadu. The Lord praised it as Nagareshu Kanchi. This Town is made of Big Kanchipuram and Small Kanchipuram. The place is called Atthigiri and the Lord is Sri Atthigiri Varadan. From today [30th September 2009] we will tour the Kshetrams around Kanchipuram. First we worship Lord Sri Varadaraja Perumal. In Srivaishnava sampradaya, Koil, Tirumalai and Perumal Koil are mentioned. These indicate Srirangam, Tirupati-Tirumala and Kanchipuram. The Lord graces from a small hill. The Lord appeared from the havan kund of Aswameda yaga [yagna] performed by lord Brahma. Sri Thayar is Sri Perundevi Thayar aka Sri Mahadevi. Punyakoti vimanam.
44. TIRU ATTAPUYAKARAM திரு அட்டபுயகரம் :


Here the Lord is Sri Attapuyakara Perumal aka Sri Gajendra Varadan. The Lord appears with Eight hands. The Lord assures us that He would protect every devotee, by displaying the weapons in the hands. Sri Thayar is Sri Padmasani Nacchiyar. Gajendra pushkarini. One sage desired to enjoy like elephants, took the form of a male elephant and roamed the forest with female elephants. Realizing that he should devote to God, he performed pooja by offering lotus flowers. Here also, while the elephant was plucking a flower, a crocodile caught its leg and dragged the elephant into the pond. Rushing at elephant's cry for help, the Lord rescued. We are caught by crocodiles like Ahankaram, Mamakaram, Kamam, Krodham, etc., and the Lord would rescue us if we pray to Him. Swami Vedanta Desika has composed a stotram on the Lord here. The Lord is rescuing us with His Eight hands.
45. TIRU TANKA திருத் தண்கா :

thuppul rajagopuram (thanks SrI Sriman venkatesan)perumal purappaduSvami after maryadai

This is also the birth place of Swami Vedanta Desika. The Lord here is Sri Vilakkoli Perumal [ஸ்ரீ விளக்கொளி பெருமாள்] and Sri Deepa Prakasa [श्री दीप प्रकास]. When the entire Universe was plunged in darkness, the Lord appeared as light and illuminated everywhere. In other Divya desams, the Lord is seen with light; but here, the Lord Himself provides light! Tan-தண் cool, ka -கா garden; this place is surrounded by cool gardens and so it is called Tiru Tanka. Swami Desika is also gracing in this place.

46. TIRU VELUKKAI திரு வேளுக்கை :

Thiruvelukkai ALari-2Close-up aLari-2

Sri Narasimha is the Lord here. Nara + Simha; He is a mixture of Man [Tamil aal ஆள்] and Lion [Tamil ari அரி ]; so He is Sri Aalari [ஸ்ரீ ஆளரி]. Sri Thayar is Sri Velukkaivalli Nacchiyar. Swami Vedanta Desika has made a stotram Kamasikashtakam, on the Lord Sri Aalari. The Lord Sri Moolavar is in seated pose.
47. TIRU VEKKHA திரு வெஃகா:

Sri Yathokthakari chandraprabhai.jpgsri yathokthakari nachiyar tirukkolam.jpgTirumazhisai alwar, tiruvekhka.jpgsonnavannam seitha perumal.jpg

Here the Lord is in reclining pose and is called Sri Yatoktakari or Sri Sonna Vannam Seida Perumal [ஸ்ரீ யதோக்தகாரி/ ஸ்ரீ சொன்ன வண்ணம் செய்த பெருமாள்]. River Vegavati came rushing to spoil Yagna performed by lord Brahma. To stop that flow, the Lord laid down here. Vekkanai [வெஃகணை] was transformed to Vekkha. Sri Thayar is Sri Komalavalli Thayar. First among Alwars, Poigai Alwar was born here in a pond. Tirumazhisai Alwar lived here for a long time, with his disciple Kanikannan. Since the Lord obeyed the orders of the Alwar and went with him, rolling His serpent bed, the Lord got the name Sonna Vannam Seida Perumal! Earlier, He did according to the wishes of Brahma; and then as told by Tirumazhisai Alwar; in future, He might do as we pray to Him!
48. TIRU KALVANUR திரு கள்வனூர் :

In Kamakshi Amman koil, the Lord appears in a small form. The Lord is Sri Adi Varaga Perumal, and faces West, in standing pose. Sri Thayar is Sri Anjalaivalli Nacchiyar. Nithya pushkarini. Though the Lord is called Kalva [theif], it is we, who are theives, stealing His property! But if we pray with love, He steals our mind!
Now, we will see the next sloka, 57:

cetasā sarvakarmāṇi mayi saṃnyasya matparaḥ
buddhiyogam upāśritya maccittaḥ satataṃ bhava 18.57

In the last sloka the Lord said that even doing Kamya karma, if done with Tyagas and dedicating the karma to Him, would eventually attain Him. Now, He adds another condition. Maccitta = [while doing any karma, involve] mind in Me [Sri Krishna]. While doing any karma we should have the feeling of Tyaga, that is abandoning I-am-performing, for-my-sake and inferior rewards. In addition, we should do the karma, thinking of the Lord alone. That He is doing the karma. Cetasa = [with the conscience that we are all His] property, sarvakarmani = all duties, mayi = to Me [Sri Krishna], samnyasya = well presented, matpara = with result as Me [Sri Krishna]. We should not think any other as reward for the karma we do. Arjuna should fight, not for getting Kingdom, but for getting the Lord. Sri Krishna. Buddhiyogam = conscience or intellect, with the Three Tyagas, upasritya = associated, maccita = with mind only in Me [Sri Krishna], satatam bhava = always do. If we have always Him in our mind, then we become Vishnu chitta. Periyalwar was called Vishnu chitta, as he was always thinking of the Lord. If we have Him in our mind, then all inferior thoughts will never occur. Then whatever karma will do would be entirely dedicated to Him.

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