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BG 18.53

67. TIRU KAATKARAI திருக் காட்கரை:

The Lord is Tiruk Kaatkaria Appan. He is appearing as Sri Vamana. Sri Thayar is Sri Vatsalyavalli Thayar. This Kshetram is very much connected with Onam festival, celebrated in Kerala. Emperor Mahabali was vanquished by the Lord. As requested by the Emperor and granted by the Lord, to see his people once in a year and celebrate, Onam festival is celebrated through out Kerala. This festival is celebrated in this Kshetram in a very grand manner. The Lord was waiting eagerly to hear Nammalwar sing in praise of Him. Similarly, Alwar was very eager to see the Lord. Alwar took sometime to realize that the Lord was about to come and bless him. In this Kshetram, one devotee was presenting bunches of banana fruits to the Lord. But once this offering got into some problem in his garden, and so with great difficulty he offered some bananas, as was his practice. From that time onwards, these bananas were called Nendiram pazham [நேந்திரம் பழம்].
68. TIRU MOOZHIKKALAM திரு மூழிக்களம்:

tirumuzhikkalam- day viewthirumoozhik kaLatthuRaiyum oNsuDar.jpg

This place can be approached from Alwaye and Angamali Railway stations. The Lord presented Himself here, to preach a sage. The Lord is Sri Srisukti Nathan. Sri Sukti means tiru mozhi [திரு மொழி] and so this place's correct name is Tiru Mozhikkalam. Sri Thayar is Sri Maduraveni Nacchiyar. It is said that the Lord was worshiped by Lakshmana. Alwar says that the Lord is here for the benefit of those who could not worship when the Lord took many avatars.
69. TIRU VALLAVAZH [TIRUVALLA] திரு வல்லவாழ் [திருவல்லா]:


The Lord here is Sri Tiruvazhmarban [ஸ்ரீ திருவாழ் மார்பன்] or Sri Sri Vallabhan. This place is also called as Sri Vallabha Kshetram. There was one noble woman, who fasted on Ekadasi and fed guests on Dwadasi day. But an asura was causing her problems; and as prayed by her, the Lord finished the asura. At thet time, the upper garment of the Lord, fell down slightly and the woman could see Sri Lakshmi on Lord's chest. When she inquired the Lord, He made her to see His chest and Sri Lakshmi. Thus, He is called Tiru [Lakshmi] vaazh [living] marban [chested]! The woman offered rice and salted mango [uppu maangai உப்பு மாங்காய்] in an arcanut bark. Sri Thayar is Sri Selvak Kozhundu Naachiyar [ஸ்ரீ செல்வக் கொழுந்து நாச்சியார்].
70. TIRU KADITTHANAM திருக் கடித்தானம்:

Alwar says that the Lord took Tiruk Kaditthanam as His residence; and also Alwar's mind! The Lord here is Sri Arpuda Narayanan. Sri Thayar is Sri Karpagavalli Nacchiyar. Devas were stealing the flowers in the garden of the King and offering them to the Lord. Once, the King caught them and the Devas could not return to their place. When they prayed the Lord, He advised them to get the result of Ekadasi fasting from someone, to return to their place. They did like that and returned to Deva lok.
71. TIRU CHENGANNUR திருச் செங்கண்ணூர் :


It is on the banks of Chitraaru [சிற்றாறு]. The Lord is Sri Imayavar Appan [ஸ்ரீ இமையவர் அப்பன்]. Sri Thayar is Sri Senkamalavalli Thayar. This temple was established by Bala Bhadra. According to history, Pancha Pandavas had lived here during Agyata vasam [living incognito] or before. This temple was renewed by Yudhishtra.
72. TIRUPPULIYUR of KUTTANAADU குட்டநாட்டு திருப் புலியூர்:


Nammalwar has praised this Kshetram in his Nayaki Bhavam or imagining himself as the Sweetheart of the Lord. The Lord is Sri Mayappiraan [ஸ்ரீ மாயப் பிரான்]. This temple was installed by Bhimasena. When Emperor Sibi, tried to donate, sages refused to accept, as he was doing with ego. Sibi's son tried to donate without publicity, but that was also rejected by the sages. Then Sibi tried to kill them by ordering a Devta. The sages prayed the Lord, Who in the form of a Tiger [Tamil Puli புலி] killed the Devta and saved the sages. Thus, the place got the name Tiru Puliyur. Sri Thayar is Sri Porkodi Nacchiyar [ஸ்ரீ பொற்கொடி நாச்சியார்].
Let us now see sloka 62:

tam eva śaraṇaṃ gaccha sarvabhāvena bhārata
tatprasādāt parāṃ śāntiṃ sthānaṃ prāpsyasi śāśvatam 18.62

Sri Krishna advises Arjuna to attain everlasting fame. In the last sloka, the Lord said that as Iswara, He was in every living being commanding and controlling them. Tam eva = that Person [Sriman Narayana or Sri Krishna] alone, saranam gaccha = should be surrendered to, as means. Arjuna should approach Him, with the faith that He was the only One, Who could grant Moksham. Sarvabhavena = in all ways and in all circumstances. Like Nammalwar thought He was Taraka, Poshaka and Bhogya - lifesaving, nourishment and enjoyment. We can not approach different gods for different purposes. Tatprasadat = with His blessings, param santhim = supreme peaceful, sthanam = place, prapyasi = attain, sasvatam = everlasting. In all other places, the enjoyment of peace would be temporary and for a tenure. But here Sri Krishna assures that by following His advice, Arjuna could get everlasting peace and happiness. Upanishads say the person reaching Vaikuntam, never returns, and reiterate the statement. Sri Krishna advises Arjuna, therefore, to surrender unto the Lord. The Lord commands everyone. He is controlling everyone by placing atman in a body, made up of prakruti, which has the Three qualities, according to their past karma results. Thus Sri Krishna suggests a way to get freed from samsaram.

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