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BG 18.64

We have reached an interesting Kshetram, in Kannanin Aaramudu tour. Today's [20thOctober 2009] lecture is from the place where river Gomati enters the ocean, in the West of Gujarat. Vasishta, Brahma's son, was the Acharya for Sri Rama's dynasty. His daughter was Gomati. When she was born, she was not in the form of a river, but like all other girls. When she reached the age for marriage, Vasishta desired to find a suitable groom. Accompanied by her, he visited many places. But Gomati was in deep love with Sri Krishna. Like Sri Andal, she never wanted to marry mortals. She prayed to the Lord. With His blessings, she told her father Vasishta, that she would follow him from behind, till he was able to find a suitable match for her. At no time he should look back to see her. If he violated this, she would turn into a river. Vasishta wanted to know how he could find she was following him? She replied that her anklets would be making noise and that would signal him that she was following. They proceeded from place to place and reached present Gujarat. This is the place of Sri Krishna and Dwaraka. Gomati was happy to reach the place of her beloved. They came to the spot, from where lecture is being conducted. Being ocean side, they had to cross the ocean. Therefore, the sound of the anklets stopped! Vasishta felt that Gomati had stopped following him. When he turned back to look for her, she was walking through the water. But as per her condition, immediately, she took his permission and became a river and started flowing! This is not a river that originates from a distant place. Its total length is juat Five Miles! Thus Gomati is always near her beloved Lord Sri Krishna!

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The Lord is Sri Samudra Narayana. The Ocean is in the form of the Lord and accepting Gomati river. If we cross this and go beyond, we find Pancha Kunds. Five sages were meditating here. There were problems from Rakshasas. As prayed by the sages, the Lord destroyed the Rakshasas, and Five Kunds were established. The water, in each of the Kund, was different in taste. The taste reflected the mindset of various Rakshasas. Over the ages, the water in the place is sweet now. From a distance, the tall gopuram of Sri Dwarakadeesa temple, welcome us!

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Dwaraka means dwaram + kayati. Dwaram means entrance [here, to Vaikuntam], and kayati means shows. Thus Dwaraka shows us the entrance to Vaikuntam. Millions of devotees come here to worship the Lord here and hope to reach Vaikuntam! Sri Krishna, having decided to leave Mathura to protect people, came here and requested King of Oceans for establishment of a city. Accordingly, about 12 yojanas [120 miles] length of land was recovered from ocean and Dwaraka city was constructed. This place was earlier known as Kuchasthali. Long back, a King performed yagnas on a island here, using darbha [type of grass]. Kucha means darbha and so this place got the name. The King invited the Lord Sri Trivikrama, to destroy Asuras in Patala lok. Thus we can worship Lord Sri Trivikrama also. In one night, the Lord brought all people from Mathura here and rehabillated them. On Sharat Poornima day about 300,000 peopel come here. That was the day when the Lord played Rasa Kreeta! Thus we can know His eminence and greatness, His wealth and glory, here. We can also know them, from Chapter 10:

svakalyana gunanantya krtsna svadinatamatih |
bhaktyutpatti vivirddhyartha vistirna dasamodita || (14)

In the Tenth Chapter Sri Krishna explains in detail, to grow Bhakti and develop it, His many auspicious qualities and His infinite wealth. This place is most appropriate to describe this Chapter. People will feel confident only, when as Emperor of Dwaraka, Sri Krishna told about His wealth and qualities! He described everything without any exception. We start devotion and allow it to grow, only when we know the person has a great personality. With Chapter 9, Karma yoga, Gyana yoga and Bhakti yoga descriptions ended. In the very first sloka the Lord says He was interested in Arjuna's welfare. Even though Arjuna never asked the Lord to detail His wealth; but taking the cue that Arjuna did not object also, the Lord starts His lecture. Great persons bestow, even if we never asked! In 10.3, He says that he, who understood the Lord as never-born and without end, as Loka Maheswara, is most intelligent. In 10.8, He says that He was Origin, Middle and End of all. Everything originated from Him. Everything finally ended in Him. He, who realized His greatness and actions in Mathura, Brindavan and Dwaraka, speaks about them with others [10.9]. For that person, who thinks of Him as everything, He blesses with Para Bhakti and blesses him with atman sakshatkaram. Finally, he reaches the Lord. Arjuna asks the Lord to give list of His properties! The Lord replied that there was nothing which was not His property! Other than His property nothing was there in this Universe and many worlds of others! Arjuna says that he wanted to hear about His wealth, any number of times. The Lord then lists some important portions of His wealth. He mentions group after group and says that for each group He was the Leader [10.21 and other slokas]. He was Vishnu among Adityas. Amsuman among Jyotish. He was Marut among Marichees. Like that He lists many. Thus our Bhakti grows hearing His greatness.

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