Sunday, October 25, 2009

BG 18.63

It may appear that Sri Krishna's life was full of happiness. While, one might think that Sri Rama suffered a lot by going to forest for 14 years; and, for 10 months, He was separated from Sri Sita. But we should remember that Sri Rama lived for 11,000 years. Of this 14 years is a negligible percentage! In forest also He was with Sri Sita for more than 13 years and They enjoyed life there. In forest He had no responsibility and so was free. Another difference between Sri Rama and Sri Krishna is that Sri Rama continued friendship. We can see the examples of Guha, Sugreeva and Vibheeshana. They were all invited to His Coronation and were given presents before seeing them off. Sri Krishna, however, never continued friendship. Also, when Sri Rama left for Vaikuntam, as we saw in our visit to Muktar Ghat, near Ayodhya, He took with Him all animate and inanimate objects to Vaikuntam. Only Hanuman did not accompany, that too, ecause Hanuman refused to come! In Sri Krishna's case we can notice difference. At the very instant He was born, He had to abandon Mathura. Even parents were abandoned! He was in Gokulam only for Five years; after which, He lived in Nandgaon. When He was 10 years old, Akrura came as emissary of Kamsa to take Him to Mathura back! He was invited by Kamsa to be killed! In spite of protest of people of Nandgaon, He left for Mathura. Afterwards He never returned to Gokulam or Nandgaon! He was so dear to the Thousands of gopis and gopikas, and the vast cattle. Yet, He never returned to Gokulam. In Mathura He was with His parents Vasudeva and Devaki. At Devaki's request, the Ten year old Sri Krishna, enacted all His infant pranks, enjoyed by Yasoda! From Mathura He left for Ujjaini, to learn under His Acharya, sage Sandeepani. Then He left for Indraprasta to help Pandavas. Then He got Dwaraka established and moved there. Then He left for participating in war at Kurukshetra. Then He came unnoticed to Prabhasa Kshetram. Like this He was always on the move and remained in solitude at the end. While departing for Vaikuntam, none accompanied Him. That way Sri Krishna's life was full of turmoils and makes us sorrowful. Sri Rama lived like an Emperor and enjoyed all regal comforts. Sri Krishna tells that all thought of Him as another man and treated so! In Chapter 9, summary of which, we are to see today [19th October 2009], He mentions the same complaint.

svam¯ah¯atmyam.manus.yatve mah¯atman¯am |
vi´ses.o navame yogo bhaktir¯upah.prak¯ırtitah. (13)

In Ninth Chapter Bhakti yoga is explained. This Chapter is called Bhakti yogam. His eminence and greatness is told. In Chapter 7, He told about His real state. He also mentions n Chapter 9, that even as a human, He was still greatest. For the sake of His devotees, He was prepared to undergo any difficulty. These Three points are mentioned in Chapter 9, says Swami Alavandar. In sloka 9.4, He says that He was present in every matter we perceive. He is the power of sight, listening and every form of perception. He pervades all, in and out. Arjuna wanted to know, why people did not understand His greatness. To help people, He took human form, and so all think He was also an ordinary man! They do not want to understand Him from Shastras. They never wanted to rely on anything they could not perceive. In sloka 9.11, He says that all illtreated Him, thinking He was a man. Arjuna wanted to know how His devotees treated Him. In 9.14, He says that those who had faith in Him, never considered any problem in life as problem; they considered them as His blessings. They are always worshiping Him, always praising Him and determined to reach Him. In 9.26, He says that they never expected any reward for their Bhakti; from such persons the Lord happily accepted even a drop of water, as a very great present. Because, the Lord is never in want of anything! None can ever present Him, matching His status! Finally, in 9.27, for which Swami Vedanta Desika has given wonderful interpretation in his Tatparya Chandrika, such persons, whatever they did, or ate or yagna was performed or Tapas practiced, dedicated everything to the Lord. That is what we should do. What is Bhakti yoga? The Lord answers in one sloka at the end in 9.34. That mind should be in Him, heart should be loving Him, all organs doing Karmas dedicated to Him and entire body worshiping Him alone. That is Bhakti yoga and such a person certainly reaches the Lord. We have come to the place, where the Lord Himself reached Vaikuntam. We will now proceed to Dwaraka.

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