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BG 18.59

102. BADARIKASHRAM [BADRINATH] வதரி [பத்ரிநாத்] :

thiruvadhari-1 (BadrikASramam)thriuvadhari-2
As mentioned by Alwar, the Lord Himself took the Forms of Sri Narayana and Sri Nara, and preached Tirumantram [Ashtaksharam]. The Lord is called Sri Badrivishal, Sri Badri Narayana and Sri Badri Perumal. The Two mountains are Nara - Narayana Parvat. From Narayana mountain the Lord preached to Sri Nara, in human form, on Nara Mountain. River Alakananda flows. This is one of the Swayam Vyakta Kshetrams. The Lord is made of Salagrama. Near Sri Badri Vishal, Sri Nara, Uddhava, Narada and Kubera are gracing. Tapta Kund here has hot water. Bathing in this is customary before worshiping the Lord. Badari means ilandai [இலந்தை], a type of berry. Beneath a Badari tree, the Lord as Sri Narayana, meditated and preached. In nearby Mana, we can see Vyasa cave. From there only, Vyasa wrote Mahabharata epic, which contains Bhagavad Gita. We can see there, mingling of river Saraswati with river Ganga. From Damodara Kund, Gantaki river originates. Gangotri is the origin of Ganga. We can see many wonders like Swargarohini. Sri Thayar is Sri Aravindavalli. In nearby Brahma Kapalam, people offer pinda for deceased ancestors.
103. SALAGRAMAM [MUKTINATH] சாளக்கிராமம் [முக்திநாத்]:

Gandaki-near-Jomsom (21km away from muktinath)the long trekkingSalagramams found on river bed-1Temple on Top-left

Have the darsanam of Mukti Narayana with Sridevi, Bhu deviSalagrama mountain's tip (Locals call this small tip as Vishnu)Sound of an undergorund river can be heard here, which is just on the side of the temple.Tibetan's platform-shop near temple - see the locally found salagrama mUrthis on the left side baskets

This also a Swayam Vyakta Kshetram, but is in Nepal. Between the 25,000 feet high mountains Annapoorna and Daulagiri, one has to reach, by helicopter or on mules or by trekking, Gantaki river bed and worship the Lord. The Natural beauty of the place is very attractive. The Lord is Sri Muktinath and Sri Salagrama Perumal. Sri Sridevi Nacchiyar is in sitting pose. As prayed by river Ghantaki, the Lord resides within the river in Salagrama Murtys. They are fossils formed over Millions of years. We have seen the various varieties of Salagrama.
104. MATHURA- BRINDAVAN-GOKULAM வட மதுரை-பிருந்தாவனம்-கோகுலம்:

Govardana giri at outskirts of Brindavanam-1Kalinga Nardanam at BrindavanamKusum sarovar at outskirts of Brindavanam-2Barsana- Radha Rani's Birth Place-1Nanda Gramam at outskirts of Brindavanam-1Brindavanam- Radha Govinda MandirGopika VastrAbaharanam at Yamuna river bedSee full size image

See full size image

The name Mathura will nullify our papas. This Kshetram is associated with the Lord in all the Four yugs. In Krita yug, Sri Vamana's Ashram was here. In Treta yug, Sri Rama's brother Shatrugna defeated Lavanasura and ruled from here. In Dwapara yug, the Lord was born as Sri Krishna. In Kali yug we are all fortunate to worship the Lord here. We can see Sri Krishna janma bhoomi, within the prisons of Kamsa. In nearby Keshavji Mandir, Sri Krishna Himself has worshiped. In Kotra kund, Vasudeva and Devaki used to wash clothes. In Kamsa sheela, the Lord killed Kamsa, after destroying Kuvalayapeeta elephant and wrestlers Mushtika and Chanura. On the other side of river Yamuna is Gokulam. Sri Andal mentions this as 'seer malgum aaipadi [சீர் மல்கும் ஆய்ப்பாடி]'. Brindavan, Nandgaon, Kamyavan and Govardhana also are part of Gokulam. Earlier this place was described, when, for 7 days we stayed and visited nearly 90 spots. In uttavi bandam, Sri Krishna was tied to a mortar [உரல்]. In Ramana rehi people roll on the ground, where the Lord had played. Sri Andal describes Yamuna as pure water, as Sri Krishna washed Himself in it! In Brahmanda ghat, Sri Krishna showed entire Universe in His mouth, to Yasoda! In Kesi ghat, Sri Krishna killed Kesi, who had come in the guise of an horse. Sri Krishna lifted up Govardana hill, to protect gopis and gopikas. In Kanda vana, we visited the sliding rock. At Charan Pahadi, we can see the foot prints of Sri Krishna and of cows and calves.
105. TIRU PARKKADAL திருப் பாற்கடல் :
The Lord is in Vyuha forms of Sri Vasudeva, Sri Pradyumna, Sri Sankarshana and Sri Aniruddha. By these the Lord creates, sustains and destroys the Universe. The Lord is reclining here.
106. VAIKUNTAM [PARAMPADAM] வைகுந்தம் [பரம பதம்]:
All Alwars have praised this as Nalamandhamiladhor Naadu [நலமந்தமில்லதோர் நாடு]. Gyana is in full blossom. Nityasuris are always worshiping the Lord. After crossing river Viraja and after discarding body made of prakrutam, atman gets aprakruta body and enters Vaikuntam. The Lord is seated on a throne of Adisesha. The Lord graces with Sri Sridevi to His right and Sri Bhudevi and Sri Neeladevi to His left. Everyone has to go to Vaikuntam one day! Upanishads say that after reaching Vaikuntam, none returns [to samsaram]. This is considred as the 108th Divya desam.
We have to visit only one - Dwaraka.
We will see the summary of Chapter 5:

karmayogasya saukaryam.´saighryam.k¯a´scana tadvidh¯ah.
brahmajn˜a¯napraka¯ra´sca pan˜cama¯dhya¯ya ucyate (9)

Karma yoga is easier to perform than Gyana yoga. Not merely, it is convenient to practice, it yields result also quickly. It has many divisions. By practicing the chosen one, he sees others equally. Sloka 5.18 is the soul of this Chapter. Brahma Gyana means he sees all, as part of Brahmam or the Lord; every atman is body of the Lord and there is no difference between one atman and another. Atman are all identical, whether the body is of a learned or illiterate; of a cow or an elephant; of a dog or a dog eater. All differences are only in the bodies. By nature all atman are identical in qualities - embodiment of Gyana and servant of God. One can be identified as possessing Brahma Gyana, by the way he sees all. All atman are superior. Though muktatman is at higher stage, atman, in this world, are born because of past Karma. Once this body is removed, all differences are gone and in Vaikuntam all are equal in worshiping the Lord. Many perform meditation and tapas and yagnas. But all ultimately reach the Lord only [5.29]. The Lord is the Leader for all living beings. With this thought, one should perform Karma yoga, which is easy to practice and quick to yield results. We will now go to Dwaraka.

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