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BG 18.54

73. TIRUVARANVILAI [ARAMMULA] திருவாறன்விளை [ஆறம்முளா] :
This temple was installed by Arjuna. The Lord is Sri Tirukkuralappan [ஸ்ரீ திருக்குறளப்பன்]. Sri Thayar is Sri Padmasani Thayar. Arjuna felt that he had killed Karna by unfair means and so as a repentance, he came to Malayala Divya desams, and performed meditation for many years. He renewed the temple at Tiruvaranvilai and did many services. Sri Parthasarathy idol, installed by Arjuna also could be seen here.
74. TIRU VANVANDOOR திரு வண்வண்டூர் :

We are at the temple installed by Nakula. The Lord here is Sri Pambanai Appan [ஸ்ரீ பாம்பணை அப்பன்] aka Sri Kamala Nathan. Sri Thayar is Sri Kamalavalli Nacchiyar. Pushkarini is Pampa Theertham. This Kshetram is situated on the banks of Pampa river. When we enter this temple, we are welcomed by a unique sculpture. Sri Krishna is dancing on the hoods of Kalnga serpent. It is very attractive.

Gopuram at the backdrop of poigaiGopuram - Closeup viewkulasEkarAzhvAr's descendents during brahmOtsavam OCT-2005panguni-theerthavari-2007.jpg

Alwar says that by mere mentioning the name Kesava or Padmanabha, our accumulated papa will all be annihilated. The Lord has to be seen through Three gates - through one gate, His face, through another His navel and His Divine feet, through Third gate. Devotees like us, worship Him from the Third gate near His divine feet; while, lord Brahma and other Devas worship Him at the middle gate; and, Nityasuris, like Vishvaksena, worship Him at the First gate. Thus He is visible equally to all atman. The Lord is Sri Ananta Padmanabha. When sage Diwakara meditated on the Lord, He gave darshan as a Two year old infant. The sage was attracted by His beauty, and requested the Lord to be with Him always. The Lord agreed, on condition that the Child should not be scolded for anything He did. One day, the Child took the Salagrama Murthy, the sage was performing pooja, and ran away. The sage ran after the Child to get the Salagrama and reprimand the Child, Who entered the forest Ananthan Kaadu [அனந்தன் காடு]. Diwakara could not find the Child, but noticed a Tribal woman singing lullaby for a Child. Then, He gave Darshan to the sage as a very large form, making it impossible for the sage to see in entirety. Sage prayed the Lord to reduce His size, so that he could worship Him. Then He reduced Himself to the size, we now see in this temple. Sri Thayar is Sri Srihari Lakshmi. In circa 1729, there was a great fire accident in the temple. King Marthanda Varma, reinstalled the idol with many Salagramas. Earlier idol was of wood. In circa 1750, King Martahanda Varma placed his sword at the Divine feet of the Lord and did saranagati. From that time all his successors are called Padmanabha Dasa. Like we saw in yesterday's sloka [62], the King surrendered unto Him, and even now daily the King visits the temple to worship the Lord.
76. TIRU VAATTARU திரு வாட்டாறு:

The Lord here looks like the mirror image of the Lord of Tiruvanantapuram! Sri Adi Kesava Perumal is gracing in Tiruvaattaru. The idol is 23 Feet long! This Kshetram is situated between Two rivers. The Lord is reclining on a plateau. There were Two Asuras, Kesa and Kesi. They tried to spoil the yagna performed by lord Brahma. Lord Sri Kesava appeared and laid Himself on Kesi! The Two wives of the Asuras, in the form of Two rivers, rushed. But Sri Bhooma Devi, lifted the ground on which the Lord was reclining. That is what we see now! Realizing their mistake, the Two wives started flowing as a river garland for the Lord. Like in Srirangam, where Kollidam river and Kaveri river encircle the Lord, here, Kodai and Parali rivers encircle the Lord! The Lord faces West. Sri Thayar is Sri Maragatavalli Nacchiyar.
77. TIRU VAN பரிசாரம்திரு வண் பரிசாரம் :


Though people call it Tiruppatisaram, actual name is Tiru Van Parisaram. The Lord here is Sri Tiru Vaazh Marban. Nammalwar prays that he wanted to serve the Lord and Sri Thayar. The Seven great sages [Sapta Rishis] wanted to have a darshan of the Lord, near Sucheendram, and so the Lord is here. This place is the birth place of Udayanangai, mother of Nammalwar. With this we complete tour of Malayala Divya desams.
78. TIRUKKURUNGUDI திருக் குறுங்குடி :

Thirukkurungudi temple viewthirukkurungudi Nambi-1Kalian-Moksham Thirukurungudi-4emperumanar_kurunkudi.jpgemperumanar_parivattaparai1.jpgemperumanar_parivattaparai3.jpgthirukkurunkudi.jpgthirumankai_ramanuja_embar.jpgthirumankai_thiruvarasu2.jpgthirumankai_thiruvarasu5.jpgMalaimel Nambi - Thirukkurungudi.JPGThirumangai Azhwar Thiruvarasu - Thirukkurungudi.JPGThirupparivatta Paarai - Thirukkurungudi 02.jpgJan 2009-Divyadesams 030.jpg

We start tour of Pandya region Divya desams with Tirukkurungudi. Nammalwar's parents prayed Lord Sri Nambi of Tirukkurungudi, for a child. They prayed the Lord to bless them with a child like Him! The Lord HImself was born as Nammalwar! Administartion of this temple is with Tirukkurugdi Jeer. It is a Varaha Kshetram and in Varaha Puranam, in Kaisika Ekadasi Mahatmyam, Tirukkurungud's glory is described. When Nampaduvan [நம் பாடுவான்], while on his way to worship the Lord here, was intercepted by a Brahmarakshas [demon], and according to legend, he was responsible for the salvation of the demon. Sri Thayar is Sri Kurungudivalli Nacchiyar. Pushkarini is Tirupparkkadal Theertham. The Lord graces as Sri Ninra Nambi, Sri Irundha Nambi, Sri Kidandha Nambi, etc. Nammalwar says that if one wanted to become Vaishnava, one should worship at Tirukkurungudi.
Now we will see sloka 63 of Chapter 18. From this sloka, the direction changes. Now, sloka:

iti te jñānam ākhyātaṃ guhyād guhyataraṃ mayā
vimṛśyaitad aśeṣeṇa yathecchasi tathā kuru 18.63

Sri Krishna tells Arjuna to review all those He told so far and to choose any and try to follow that. Iti te = thus, for you [Arjuna], jnanam akhyatam = knowledge was preached [by Sri Krishna]. It is not ordinary knowledge, but, guhyad guhyataram = most important secret among secrets, maya = by Me [Sri Krishna]. The Lord says that He had told whatever He wanted to. Vimrsya = review [ from the beginning to sloka 62 of Chapter 18], itad asesena = without omitting any, yatha = whatever, iccasi = [you] like, tatha = that way, kuru = do. It does not mean that Arjuna could run away from the battle field! He should examine all the Lord told, and choose the method Arjuna liked, and do according to that. It does not mean that Arjuna could choose something not told by the Lord. The Lord gives the independence to choose the means for Moksham. He wanted all to be reviewed. He told about Karma yoga, then Gyana yoga and then Bhakt yoga. He told about Sarangati as an auxiliary for Bhakti yoga. He told about the secret of His Avatar. He mentioned that He was the Purushottama. He told many, till in the last sloka where He asked to surrender unto the most Supreme Leader. He wants now Arjuna to weigh all those He preached and choose. Whatever method he chose, he would not be able to abandon his duty of fighting the war. Now, the Lord pauses. It is the time given for Arjuna to weigh and choose. Though, Arjuna being very intelligent, would take a couple of minutes to review, we have to take time. We have been seeing all the slokas in more than 700 episodes, and so from the next lecture, we would review daily one Chapter and we will return to sloka 63. Then we will see what Sri Krishna told further to Arjuna.

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