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BG 18.67

Sri Krishna was the darling of the Five lakhs females of Brindavan. From there, He came as Sri Dwarakadeesha in Dwaraka, which He got constructed. Dwaraka city was about 120 Miles in length! In that, Gomati Dwaraka was the beginning or the Drawing hall! We have now come to Bhet Dwaraka after travelling by boat, and this is the place where His palace was. This place is also called Bhent Dwaraka. Bhet means island, in Gujarati. Bhent means offering. Kuchela offered Two handfulls of puffed rice. This is the place where he offered and so it is Dwaraka [where Kuchela] offered. Sri Andal desired, that at dawn, getting up from bed, She should hear the sweet music of birds, singing the arrival of Sri Dwarakadeesha of Tirumaliruncholai! This She told from Srivilliputthur! Her Bhakti was so great that She desired the garlands worn by Sri Krishna in Dwaraka, thousand Miles away! If we also want the arrival of the Lord to our houses, then we have to acquire the knowledge indicated in Chapter 13! Chapters 13 to 18, form the Charama Shadka. We will see them one by one. In the summary of Charama Shadka, Swami Alavandar says that the Lord had told whatever was to be told to Arjuna, in the preceding 12 Chapters.
pradh¯ana purus.avyakta sarve´svara vivecanam |
karmadh¯Ä±rbhaktirity¯adih.p¯urva´ses.o 0ntimoditah.|| (4)
Those which were left out in the preceding Chapters, are being told in the last Six Chapters. Pradhana means all associated with body or prakruti. That is, it includes ahankaram, mahan, Five Bhoota, Five Karmendriya, Five Gyanendriya, Five Tanmatras and mind [24 in total]. These are inert matters. Purusha means Jeevatman. Then Sarvesvara, the Lord, Who controls Pradhana and Purusha. Vivecanam means viveka gyana or analytical knowledge. That is understanding that body and soul are different in all respects. Also, understanding the Lord as the Owner and Commander of body and soul. All these were told in previous Chapters. Now, we will see summary of Chapter 13:

dehasvar¯upam.¯atm¯aptihetuh.¯atmavi´sodhanam |
bandhaheturviveka´sca trayoda´sa ud¯Ä±ryate || (17)

In Chapter 13 these were told: Body is temporary, got out of past karma. Soul is not natural associate of any body [13.2]. Body is like the cultivable land and good crops of good characters, are to be grown. Atman which realizes this need, is Kshetragya. Person pervading both, Kshetra and Kshetragya, is the Lord. Once this atman gyana or realizing atman swaroopam [nature] is achieved, one can attain the Lord. To make our mind proper, certain qualities have to be built up. Twenty such qualities are listed from 13.8. Amanitvam - without attachment, adambitvam - without publicity. Talking of publicity, we can see it in Kuchela's story. Kuchela was known as Sudhama, was a classmate of Sri Krishna, under Sandheepani, in Ujjain. Sudhama was poor and had a large family to look after. His wife suggested to visit Sri Krishna, Who was a great King of Dwaraka, and bring some money for support of the family. Kuchela was reluctant to go and pray for material benefits. She argued that if Sri Krishna were to know that Sudhama was not able to support his family, it would cause Him agony. At least to avoid that he should visit Sri Krishna. Finally Sudhama agreed to go, but wanted to carry something to offer to the Lord. She gathered some puffed rice from other houses and making it into a small bundle, she gave it to her husband. When he reached Sri Krishna's large palace, Sudhama was hesitant to enter. At that time Sri Krishna saw Sudhama from balcony and arranged to receive His old friend. He offered Sudhama seat and personally comforted him! Sri Krishna's Wives were also at the service of Sudhama. After enquiring about his welfare, Sri Krishna asked whether he brought anything for Him! Feeling shy, Sudhama;s hand automatically went for the bundle. Sri Krishna immediately, grabbed the bundle and started eating the puffed rice. He praised the taste of it and took Two morsels. Instantly, in Sudhama;s place, all wealth were granted. Sri Krishna talked to Sudhama about their school days and mentioned that their teacher had blessed them both, prosperity. Sudhama felt shy to ask for any help from Sri Krishna and he, after sometime, took leave of the Lord. Kuchela felt relieved that he did not ask for anything! Not knowing what had happened at his place, Sudhama, when reached, was surprised at the transformation. Bhakti can fetch material benefits; but if we pray for material benefits, Bhakti would not grow. All such noble qualities should be acquired. In 13.20, the Lord told that because of association with the Three qualities[sattvam, rajas and tamas], atman suffers rebirths. To get released we should realize the difference between atman and body [13.24]. Now, we take leave of this place and proceed to Sri Nathji mandir in Rajasthan!

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